TIPsy Tuesday

TIPsy Tuesday
Tips, Tricks, and Culinary Cheats!

Holidays = Fruit Baskets. And messy counters. Take your leftover orange peels and make a fresh, all-natural cleaner! Place them in a jar or container, cover them with white vinegar, and store in a cool, dark place for 2 weeks. Strain the peels and transfer the vinegar into a spray bottle. For basic cleaning purposes, dilute the vinegar with water by 50%.

The other night I was out of onions. Who does this?? But I was, and I was cooking a dish that called for them. I did, however, have turnips. I diced and sautéed a turnip in a pan with olive oil, salt, pepper, and onion powder until golden tinged. They were a near-exact match for the flavor and texture I was needing in the dish!

No melon baller?  No problem!  Try using your measuring spoons.  Half – one tablespoon should give you a great size for fruit salad!

Eat your salad with a SPOON! I like to get up as many fresh veggies into my salads as possible, but can be hard to get all of that on a fork. Chop up your lettuce, dice up your veggies, and use a spoon instead. So much easier! You won’t regret it!

Instead of flour, use ground oatmeal for your breading and baking! Old fashioned oats in a food processor and/or spice grinder make an awesome, healthier replacement for your bleached white flour. Make everything from breaded veggies to pancakes to muffins with it!

Instead of mayo or sour cream, try using plain Greek yogurt. I like the FAGE brand. Saves you from unnecessary fat and calories, and gives a bonus punch of protein!