Strawberry & Chevre Two-Bites

Strawberry season is in high gear and I’ve got strawberries coming out of my ears!  Gee, what a terrible problem to have, haha.  I’ve been getting creative with mine, and recently put together a little dessert that has become a big winner!  The distinct flavors come together so nicely and really pop, plus it’s a great dinner party get together item.  Sweet indeed!

Strawberry & Chevre Two-Bites

  • Strawberry Chevre, or other such sweet flavor 
  • fresh strawberries, sliced
  • fresh tangerines, sliced
  • mint leaves, cut in half length-wise
  • graham crackers
  • ginger, optional
  • cinnamon, optional

Break apart your graham crackers and spread a liberal amount of the chevre on them.  Top with the fruit and mint, alternating.  If desired, sprinkle with a little ground ginger or cinnamon.

For the dessert pictured below, I used Cranberry Orange Chevre and tangerines.  As for the cheese, you can also use strawberry, peach, honey fig, or any other fruit/dessert flavor.  Top with your fruit of choice, preferably those that match the flavors (strawberries with strawberry, etc.) and one other that will give some contrast.  Have fun getting creative and enjoy!

Strawberry n Chevre Two Bites

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