The Farmers Market

On Saturday, I visited my local Farmers Market.  I’ve never liked getting up early on Saturdays, as it’s usually my only day to sleep in, but for the past couple of months I’ve been sucking it up and going.  The crazy thing is I LOVE IT!  I’ve gotten to know so many of the vendors and farmers and I always buy more than I think I will.  I truly enjoy supporting my own little community.  These are real people!  They are the farmers and bakers and dish washers and sales people for their own goodies.  Not some big store with no face, no real knowledge of their product.  If you have a Farmers Market near you, I encourage you to go check it out.  Talk to the people, learn about them, and put an actual face with the name directly connected to the food you are eating.  It’ll change the way you think and eat!

***Special thanks to Strong Arm Baking Company, Sugar Hill ProduceCookie Gurlie, Taylor Street Sweets, Chapel Hill Creamery, and Haw River Mushrooms for letting me take their pics.

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    I am reposting this because in the late hours of last night, coupled with doing it on my phone, I ended up with a few unnoticed autocorrect errors on the company names (though the corresponding links were correct). My apologies!


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