Arugula Pesto

Hopefully by now you’ve tried the Creamy Cashew Pesto that I featured a few weeks ago. If not, I can’t highly recommend enough because it really is just that good! To my point, I recently received accolades from a Follower. Her words made me smile ear to ear and I wanted to share them with you:

This Follower and I began chatting a bit and we collaborated on an arugula version of my pesto. Basically, the same recipe, but with arugula instead of basil. So today I gave it a whirl. It was excellent – bright and fresh, with a nice bite to it! The arugula adds its signature peppery profile and will work well for those who like things on the spicier side.

To tone it down, you can add more cashew cream, olive oil, and/or Parmesan. This smooths out the heat and made it more comparable to the original recipe. I added just a little of all three, plus a splash of lemon juice, until I achieved my personal desired flavor.

The best part of cooking is the experimenting! Have some fun and let me know how your recipes come out!

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