Vampire Slayer’s Soup

A week ago Friday, I had hernia surgery. Fun! After struggling with this issue for over a year, I’m happy to finally be on the road to full recovery. I am not, however, happy to stand in the kitchen and cook. So prior to the surgery, I made some soups to have for dinners during the harder days. I found this Vampire Slayer’s Soup recipe via my good friend from Judy’s Wellness Cafe and I made it for last weekend. It was so, so good. (Bonus: no vampires that night, haha!) So,I’m sharing the love. You will notice that within this recipe is a link to yet another recipe: Magic Mineral Broth. I also made this. I put the allotted amount into the VSS, then saved the rest for other things. And by other things, I mean that I literally drank it by the mugful every day. It was just that darn delicious. Our cold nights aren’t over just yet! I highly recommend trying both!

Vampire Slayer’s Soup

Magic Mineral Broth

2 thoughts on “Vampire Slayer’s Soup

    • SaucyTomato

      Thank you so much! I love a good broth, and this one was stellar. The VSS is also very good, and packs lots of healthy benefits from the garlic. Recovery never tasted so good. 😉


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